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He is a french economist, world-wide known for its book Le Capital au XXIe siècle. He was awarded in 2002 as the best young economist of France and was selected in 2012 among the hundred intellectual the most influential in the world by the review Foreign Policy. His work, which sparks a great debate on the wealth distribution and the type of capital, is focused on the economic inequalities and contradict the reflexion that became orthodoxe, developed by Kuznets in the 1950’s. (cf. Economic Growth and Income Inequality).

Convinced pro-European, he published in 2017 with Stéphanie Hennette, Guillaume Sacriste and Antoine Vauchez a Traité de démocratisation de la gouvernance de la zone euro (T-DEM), debating the role of democratic mechanisms in the most opaque and technical european institutions, to convince the citizens that Europe belongs to them (Libération, 2017).


Thomas Piketty

April 19, 2018


April 19, 2018

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