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Psychoanalyst and psychoanalyst historian, former lecturer at the EHESS and then at the EPHE, Elisabeth Roudinesco mainly worked on the biographies of Freud and Lacan and published last year a Loving dictionary of Psychoanalysis.

If its work is not strictly speaking “political”, we think, following a certain intellectual tradition, that it would be difficult to think about Europe without mentioning its unconscious, without questioning the relevance of some analysis, probably insufficient, which makes of the european institutions the terrifying update of the paternal superego, and of the revival of neo-nationalists a joyful liberation of the id, which Trump, from the other side of the ocean, would be the satirical model. Moreover, since its creation in January 2017, our study group seeks to analyze what we call a "impensé géopolitique européen", which is expressed through a certain number of refoulés (as the relationship of the UE to the Mediterranean sea, and the impossibility to think about its southern borders) of which the conceptualisation cannot go without a psychoanalyst point of view.


Since Mrs Roudinesco shows in her work that the best ground for the settlement of the theories of Freud was France and not Austria (from which she was writing from), and if one of the main hurdles to the constitution of an idea of Europe is the diversity of languages that divides its identity, the psychoanalysis as a study of language, through Mrs Roudinesco who is one of the most distinguished specialist, will supplement the study of european words, and maybe show that the lack of thinking about europe is translinguistic


Elisabeth Roudinesco

March 22, 2018


March 22, 2018

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